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October 17 2017

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“What can I do? What softness can I bring?” the witch offered.

“I do not know,” the skeleton mourned.

The witch wrapped her arms around its ribcage and they stood in blissful silence.

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John Boyega for Variety, 2017.

Yess to this

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:commission: Andorian Ensign by shibamura-prime

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excuse me ma’am do you have time to talk about giving me a snack?


Candy corn is an herb, not a spice.

I want to disagree with this, but I don’t even know where to start.

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The wolves at Wolf Park Indiana were given paint as a form of enrichment and as a fundraiser to make “original wolf art”. Most of the wolves were happy to step in the paint for a piece of hot dog and make nice paw prints on a page, but this guy decided rolling in it was way more fun.

Picture by C. Love

Reblog the Rebel Artist Punk Wolf to achieve glorious turquoise sideburns.  

He’s going as a deviant art fursona for Halloween

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“RA problems” or “what happened to my polycule drawing” :P

♥ PATREON: http://bit.ly/2fRfWTW
♥ SHOP & PORTRAITS: http://squ.re/2wWBlRq

October 16 2017

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Miguel Angel Silvestre for Cosmopolitan Brasil 

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“On Tamaran we appreciate the past. We respect it. But we don’t live there. We live here. Now. In the moment.”
#prayforvegas #starfire #cosplay #cosplayingwhileblack #strongertogether


listen pals, fuck all that “gentle reminder you would have been beautiful a fuckton of years ago” noise. your physical appearance is absolutely irrelevant and meaningless in the eyes of the great skeleton lord, who only sees beauty in the bones hidden beneath your putrid flesh. stay frosty

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The Colorado Trail


7 July 2015

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This movie, it sends her off in an amazing, amazing way. And she is still kept alive in this franchise. That’s the beauty of it: She lives forever in a sense. - John Boyega.

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Unknown artist,

Biffy’s sleep was troubled and not only by the fact that Professor Lyall boasted rather a small bed for two occupants. While neither of them was very large, Biffy was a good deal taller than his companion, which caused his feet to dangle off the end. Still neither would even think to suggest that they sleep apart, not now that they had discovered each other. Besides, once the sun rose fully, they both slept solidly enough to be thought dead, limbs wound together, breathing soft and deep.

one of the most fluffy things I’ve ever read (via



More fluffy on the horizon.

Preorder Romancing the Inventor for more Biffy & Lyall! http://gailcarriger.com/ss2_launch_tumblr

(via gailcarriger)

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